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Orange Shaped Notepad - Stationery

Orange Shaped Notepad - Stationery

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  • 30 sheets
  • 3.3in wide x 3.6in tall
  • 162gsm acid free paper
  • tear off


I know what you're thinking : "Belle, what, no silly pun this time? The strawberry memo had an extremely dumb joke in the description" and all I have to say is: "ORANGE you glad I made another fruit memo design??? 😉 Get it?? Because it's a orang--"

This handmade memo pad measures approximately 3.3 inches wide by 3.6 inches tall at it's widest points and has 30 sheets of acid free 162gsm paper backed by a sturdy piece of cardstock to ensure your paper won't bend in transit or when it inevitably gets knocked off your desk.


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