Hello, it's nice to meet you!

Hello, it's nice to meet you!

Wouldn’t it be a little weird if you walked up to a complete stranger and just started talking to them mid sentence like they already knew who you were?

I mean I’m all for chatting up people in the grocery line but I wouldn’t launch right into things without at least trying to find some common ground first! You know, to see if they even want to talk in the first place or would rather scroll while they’re waiting to check out! 😅

Anyway. This is just that first little finding common ground post! It felt a little strange to launch right into writing regular blog posts without including something like this at the beginning so here we are!

My name is Belle, and I’m the owner and artist behind this site, Loretta Belle Art!

I love nature, plants, skies, gardening, and planning! I’m also in the process of starting a webcomic but that’s a whole other thing, haha!

I live with my cats Sarafina and Misao and love to spend time painting and sipping tea or coffee over a good book.


I’ve struggled with keeping a positive mindset in life and I’ve found positive mantras and rewiring my own thought patterns to be immensely helpful so I’ll share a little bit about that on here too, most likely in the form of hand lettering!

Now since that part’s out of the way, I hope you enjoy the contents of this blog! I'm so glad you're here! Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments, I love meeting new people! 😊

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