Are you overwhelmed with everything you need to balance for everyday life? Maybe you’ve been feeling a little anxious or disconnected and you can’t seem to keep yourself grounded in the here and now, and you just need a little something simple and beautiful to bring you back down to earth?

Well you’ve come to the right place! As an artist I aim to create art inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounds and inspires us, but that can be used in everyday life. Sometimes the small things, like sipping your favorite tea out of a beautiful mug that you love, can be enough to bring a little bit of joy and a moment of peace into your life.

Or maybe you just need a cute bookmark to keep your place in your most recent literary obsession and the old grocery store receipt you’ve been using for a few weeks just isn’t getting the job done anymore. (plus- is it possible that the receipt ink is coming off on the pages…? yikes)

Having beautiful art to hang on the walls and decorate your space is great, but sometimes it’s even better to be able to carry it with you and have it there for you as a moment of peace when you need it most.

Or maybe you’re wondering what to get that person in your life who seems to be happiest surrounded by plants and staring up at the sky?

(It's okay, I don't have any desk space left either!)We’ve all got that one friend who’s entire camera roll is filled with panoramas of the sunset or who keeps coming home with “just one more little plant, it’s okay it’s just a small one” even though every available windowsill is already full. (or maybe that’s you too, it’s alright, this is a JUDGEMENT FREE zone!)

You’re not really sure if you want to buy them a new plant and support their addiction or try to encourage them to find other hobbies?

Then have I got some great news for you! You can make them smile with a print featuring watercolor art of real plants, like fittonias, marantas, and monsteras.

I love to create art that brings peace and happiness, that catches the ephemeral colors that might pass us by if we’re caught up in the day to day, and I hope that the happiness I get from making these pieces is passed on to you!