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Oopsie Bundles! ✨

Oopsie Bundles! ✨

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These discount bundles are a surprise mix of items from past updates that are either not 100% perfect or have been discontinued from the shop. Each bundle will contain at minimum :

  • 1 full size bookmark
  • 1 imperfect memo pad
  • 1 imperfect magnet bookmark

Possible item errors are : off center or rough diagonal cuts on memos, imperfections in the laminate, bubble stuck under laminate, hair stuck under the laminate, small printing defects like scratches or dots, dented edges on prints, slightly off color printing, curved bookmark, back of bookmark upside down, or discontinued item / older versions of items. All of these errors are fairly small, but it wouldn't feel right to sell them at full price, and it would be wasteful to just throw them away.

Photos shown are examples of bundles, each one is unique! But each will contain at minimum the items listed above!

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