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Sky Jar Glossy Vinyl Die Cut Sticker - Full Set, all 6!

Sky Jar Glossy Vinyl Die Cut Sticker - Full Set, all 6!

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This listing is for the most dedicated sky fans because it includes every design in the series in their full size!

For my sky jar series I wanted to create a little piece of the sky you can take with you everywhere you go. The full set has two night skies, two sunsets, a morning sky, and a classic cloudy blue sky.

Each sticker in this series measures 3.5 inches tall and varies in width depending on their overall shape- the smallest is the purple and pink night sky which measures approximately 2.2 inches across, and the largest measures 3.2 inches across at it's widest point.

Stick this pretty sticker set somewhere you can see everyday to remind yourself of the beauty of the sky!

Colorful and vibrant, printed on a durable glossy vinyl and laminated, these stickers are made to last! They are waterproof for regular hand washing dishes so they'll be fine to use on water bottles, laptops, or other outside surfaces, but are not safe for the dishwasher. I don't have a dishwasher so I can't test them for this, but I'm guessing the combination of heat and soaking would break down the bond between the vinyl and the laminate. These are handmade stickers and will hold up well to light scrubbing but should not be left to soak.


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